Trend hunting research project

The exciting part of design research: trend-hunting report


january, 2020

Our design department is pretty excited by one of the sources of information we decided to activate in order to enlighten future aircraft possibilities: 
Trendwatching report.

It’s a hyper-qualitative market research which main purpose is to identify major innovations emerging globally.
 It has to deal with every market industry, not only aircrafts, which makes it super interesting as long as it features people insights, ideas and latent needs that eventually may be applied to our research as well.

In this article we share some of the evidences from the Trendwatching report that made us enthusiasts.
As you can imagine, we are still in a preliminary, brainstorming phase, so we cannot spoil everything, also because most of the work is still to be imagined and designed. 

First of all, Trendwatching methodology.

Trendwatching is not about predicting the future, but observing and managing what we could call the “advanced present” in order to identify the socio-cultural changes and the evolutionary lines. 

how it works

Mapping innovations means to spot those trends that mirror people’s habits, behaviours, needs and expectations, both as human beings and consumers. Once those expectations take hold, they spread across industries and geographical borders. This is a trend in action and here lies the opportunity to innovate. 

let's make an example: the cell phone

Before having seen one, most of us wouldn’t be able to ask for it. But someone identified the latent need to communicate on the go. 
“If he had a telephone with him, I could ask for…” “If I could call her, I would spare my time”… etc. 
Researchers, designers and the whole industry moved in that direction to fulfil that unsaid need

Trendwatching research for RATIOS

The report by Trendwatching for RATIOS crosses the needs of the target with new technologies from cross-industries such as food, interior design, travel and leisure, mobility and specific on-board stuff. 

The identified trends: a general overview


Generally speaking, people are headed towards a more self-conscious lifestyle.

Low cost luxury

While innovation grows, ‘luxury’ becomes ever and ever more affordable and dedicated to a wider target group.

Diversity inclusion

The more the customisation trend grows, the more is possible to customise for specific needs.

Eco consciousness

The green themes are spreading all over the world, involving all of the markets.

With all these news in mind, you know why we are so excited to finally start our research and design project, looking forward to read the next report (coming in one month, stay tuned!). 

Did these inspirations push your imagination to something new?  We do hope so, and also keep in mind that RATIOS is an open research project, so feel free to comment, write us, challenge us! 

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