Trend design report: wellness


january, 2020

We are quite excited to share with you some of the evidences from our trend design research. 
As we already wrote researchers identified 4 main trends, that may influence Aircrafts Interior Design. 

Here we start from the the wellness trend, which is one of the most interesting for many sectors, not only the aircraft one! 

In this article we share some of the evidences from the Trendwatching report that made us enthusiasts.
As you can imagine, we are still in a preliminary, brainstorming phase, so we cannot spoil everything, also because most of the work is still to be imagined and designed. 

1. the quest for wellness

The more stressful our lives are, the more we look for comfortable solutions that make us regain our balance.

Evidence: in the last few years we have witnessed a dramatic success for wellness products and services, such as bio food, yoga classes and farm holidays.

When it comes to travelling, which is often physically uncomfortable, time-consuming and stressful, we expect comfortable solutions to be offered by the travel industry.

Our project ambition is to address the main pain points of travelling, in order to transform the in-between moment of the trip into a desirable, complete time. Sleeping issues, noise reduction and space will be our project focus.

Examples out of the box.

Calm is the world’s number one app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. 

Starbucks since ever created comfortable environments, inspired by common family living rooms. 

Casper in New York offers commuters a place where they can rest, read, take a nap or simply wait for the next business meeting in a cosy environment. 

Cathay Pacific created a dedicated yoga and meditation space in their Business Class lounge in Hong Kong.

yoga lounge cathay pacific

Have a look at the other design trends!


Generally speaking, people are headed towards a more self-conscious lifestyle.

Low cost luxury

While innovation grows, ‘luxury’ becomes ever and ever more affordable and dedicated to a wider target group.

Diversity inclusion

The more the customisation trend grows, the more is possible to customise for specific needs.

Eco consciousness

The green themes are spreading all over the world, involving all the markets.

Please, take a look at the low cost and luxury trend: or jump directly to the one that most interests you! 

Stay tuned with our reports: the more the research goes on, the more we will publish! 

Do these inspirations push your imagination to something new?  We do hope so, and also keep in mind that RATIOS is an open research project, so feel free to write us and challenge us!

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