Trend design report: luxury low cost ​and diversity inclusion

TREND REPORT: low cost luxury and diversity inclusion.

february, 2020

We are quite excited to share with you some of the evidences from our trend design research. 
As we already wrote researchers identified 4 main trends, that may influence Aircrafts Interior Design. 

We already shared the wellness trend, now we move to the second and third trend: low cost luxury and diversity inclusion. 

In this article we share some of the evidences from the Trendwatching report that made us enthusiasts.
As you can imagine, we are still in a preliminary, brainstorming phase, so we cannot spoil everything, also because most of the work is still to be imagined and designed. 

2. meet the opposites: luxury and low cost

Nowadays defining luxury is quite difficult, because we are able to access to great services, with affordable costs. 

Evidence: with the spread of “low design” furniture stores, such as Maison du Monde, Ikea etc., any house may look like a  design house with a relative low expense.  

Ice entertainment by emirates

When it comes to travelling, even low cost companies are starting to offer additional services, while flag carriers are shifting some services from business class to economy, e.g. Emirates Ice entertainment system. 

3. differences as an opportunity

The more we are able to customize, the more we are keen to satisfy very specific needs. Elderly, children, people with disabilities, pet owners (…) may find some difficulties when travelling. 

Our project ambition is to identify specific pain points when travelling by plane and try to solve them through service and space design. Who knows? maybe children simply need a space where they can play together, and everything will go smooth both for parents and the other passengers!  

Let’s make a funny example: in 2017 Japan Airlines tested its first pet friendly flight and transported in the cabin 30 dogs with their owners. It was just a test, but…take a look at the amused faces of the pet owners! ☺ 

take a look at the other three trends!


Generally speaking, people are headed towards a more self-conscious lifestyle.

Low cost luxury

While innovation grows, ‘luxury’ becomes more affordable and dedicated to a wider target group.

Diversity inclusion

The more the customisation trend grows, the more is possible to customise for specific needs.

Eco consciousness

The green themes are spreading all over the world, involving all the markets.

Please, take a look at the next trend: or jump directly to the one that most interests you! 

Stay tuned with our reports: the more the research goes on, the more we will publish! 

Did these inspirations push your imagination to something new?  We do hope so, and also keep in mind that RATIOS is an open research project, so feel free to write us and challenge us! 

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