Imagine the check-in for a dreamy flight: Aircraft Interior Expo 2019

Boarding pass in hand, queuing before boarding the next flight. A magazine, a book, the laptop, maybe a travel neck pillow are carried in the hand luggage: it is everything we need to enjoy the next few hours. In a few minutes, we will be looking for our seat and a bag place as fast as we can to let the impatient lady behind us pass through. 

Stop: have youever imagined about a totally different flying experience?

Let’s start to dream about it: listen at what we witnessed at the Aircraft interior expo 2019, one of the most important fair for this sector.

Light seats provide more space for every need

Many air design companies are focusing on seats with an unconventional carbon fibre structure that show great performances, safety, durability, as well as comfort. And, above all, they are light in structure, thus allowing more space to fit more people or…more space for travellers, children, legs, for moving around and for embarking faster and easier.

Children are a top-of-mind priority also for Rebel Aereo, that presented its transformable seat that can fit even babies.

However, the maximization of the number of passenger is fundamental to Avia interior, that presented an update of its stand up seat.

Avia Interior
Rebel Aereo

Sensors are at the forefront for speeding up boring procedures!

Some companies presented sensors to improve cabin management through smarter controls.

  •  Smart luggage bin

Where do I put my hand luggage? Is there an empty locker? Where?

Thanks to Astronic’s hand luggage system, flight attendants will be able to easily check the locker on a computer and organize better and faster boarding operations. 

  • Smart belt

Do they really need to count us and check our safe belts?

ACM presented a smart belt: there will be no more need to check every single passenger, speeding up take-off procedures.

  • Smart charging: wireless

What if I forgot the cable for charging my phone?

Finally we’ll be able to recharge our portable devices without the cable, through a wireless technology integrated into the armrest.

  •  Smart seat

How should we seat to avoid back pain, neck pain and feel good after flying?

The seat-integrated sensor detects the posture of the passengers and gives us a direct feedback through the aircraft infotainment system: a gamification approach teaches us how to improve our sitting posture.

  •  Smart windows

Look out of the window: what are you looking at? Which island is that?

Thanks to Vision Systems, windows may become an infotainment touch screen which passengers may navigate to gain info about the flight, temperature, places to visit etc. These windows are dimmable and may also become darker, avoiding the use of curtains.

Less romantic if we think at the emotion of looking the ground from 3000 feet high, but some research industries are producing “fake window” screens, that may show any kind of information, even during boarding and disembark, providing a great experience for all passengers, not only those sitting next to the window.

Entertainment and automatic food delivery. Yes: automatic!

Technology is driving innovation companies to develop new solutions for drink/food service and the entertainment of the passengers, such as the autonomous cabin trolley, able to drive autonomously through the cabin, receive drink/food orders and deliver them to the right place. 

This will facilitate a lot the work of cabin crew and speed up the cabin service.

Virtual reality and augmented reality tools

Extra reality tools are being tested as a way to entertain passengers during the flight, but mainly to help workers in the maintenance of the airplane.

Dassault show its 3dExperience that allows working in 3d directly in VR.

Dassault - 3dExperience

Travelling to meet different cultures?

You may start the discovery right during the flight, in fact, some companies are developing a special multicultural lavatory, that satisfies the need of 40% of the travellers who would rather a squat toilet, instead of a sitting one.

Crystal Cabin Award 2019: Panasonic and the real noise reduction

Crystal Cabin awards the most innovative, futuristic ideas for passenger comfort. We decided to include in this article the Panasonic Active Noise Control: without the use of any headphones, it will drastically reduce noise and improve passengers’ comfort. We hope this innovative feature will be also found in the economy class very soon!

Our favourite: Airbus cabin vision 2030

We close up our “future flying dreams report” with some snapshots of the unmissable cgi video by Airbus «Cabin vision 2030», in which designers envisioned a futuristic aircraft interior with economy bed-seats.

We wish you all a sweet flying dream!

Airbus «Cabin vision 2030»