It’s time to brainstorm and find new aircrafts concepts!

It’s time to brainstorm and find new aircrafts concepts!

April, 2020

It’s 9am and on our desks there is an insolvable mess: drawings, post it, pencils, samples of different materials. And who knows what’s below this first layer.

In the past few months we got inspiration from research and we studied in detail every single pain point for people flying. Now, finally it’s time to dream, to imagine, to invent…and to make this mess!

Starting from the pain points, matching them with the main trends we investigated, designers are sketching a few new ways of conceiving the aircraft’s spaces. 

In this article, we share some ideas and sketches from our first brainstorming. 

NB: at this stage of the job, we never say “no”, even though most of the ideas have criticalities that later will need to be solved. 


They have to carry it, find place for it, never forget it, be able to have access to it at any time. And this creates queuing, delays and stress. Let’s try to solve the problem! 

Idea 1: automated carts.

An automated cart may follow the passenger all around the airport, then go through the gate and board in the cargo area. 

What about deboarding? A facial recognition system will recall robots and assign each luggage to its owner. 

2. the conveyor.

Design idea 2: the conveyor lift the luggage to the correct locker.

When entering the aircraft, passenger will place the suitcase on a conveyor, that will bring it directly to the overhead locker (scanning the ticket, the conveyor automatically knows which is the correct locker). 

3. Crazy but brilliant: monobloc.

Why not preparing both the passengers and their luggage into a new concept gate where aircrafts seats are stored and then board the full “package”? 

Design idea 3: seats boarding with passengers and their luggage.
Design idea 4: the overhead personal locker.

4. The personal locker.

Each passenger has a personal locker that can be opened only by himself: no more rushes to the plane to find a place for belongings! 

5. Let’s use the floor!

Part of the cargo area will be used to store also the cabin luggage, creating space under each seat.

In this way all passengers will be able to place their belongings next to them, avoiding the stress of finding the proper place in the overhead bins.

Design idea 5: a bigger space for luggages under the seats.
Design idea 6: lockers can be places in different positions across the aircraft?

6. Why not wardrobes?!

We are used to overhead lockers, but why not using other kind of lockers, placed in different position?! 

This was our luggage-matter thinking.

What do you think about it? 

For what concerns us, after imagining so many ways to store and organize things, at the moment we feel the need to tide our desks up. Stay tuned for the next article: we will talk about seats and possible layouts!  

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