New design concept: what about interior re-organization?

New design concept: what about interior re-organization?

April, 2020

Did we already talk about the best creative systems?

To us involving different creative minds is crucial, and by “different” we mean truly different: designer (ok, you know this), but also engineers, communicators, digital creators…and architects, who had a deep involvement for interior designing. 

Please, have a sit, relax and enjoy their drafts!

In this article, we share some ideas and sketches from our first brainstorming. 

NB: at this stage of the job, we never say “no”, even though most of the ideas have criticalities that later will need to be solved. 


Imagine the whole interior space of an airplane: what could we do in there? How many different layouts can you imagine?


Thanks to foldable, sliding, rotating, dynamic seats, airlines could re-configure the aircraft layout for each flight, according to passengers needs.

Let’s make some examples:

  • – Do you need extra room for legs?
  • – Your biggest wish while travelling is to stand whenever you like?
  • – Would you like to be seated one in front to the other?
  • – Are you travelling with children and need more space for playing? 

The seat transformation could be done with an automatic system that would lead to a real self-configuring airplane.

Purchasing process: the beginning of the experience.

To make this idea come true, it will be necessary to change the purchasing process: the passenger will no longer choose the seat but he will fill a form expressing his needs. 

An algorithm will create the cabin layout according to all the preferences given, each option may lead to an extra cost for the passenger: this way the company will compensate eventual losses for not used seat. 

Immersive seats

Entertainment: full immersion with cinema seat.

We are already used to have the screen placed on the front headrest, but even the back one could be equipping with a personal multimedia system, composed by a visor and a set a of speakers with noise suppression.

This idea will improve privacy feeling and even entertainment system. 

(The end 🙂 )

Stay tuned for the next article: we will talk about galleys and food!  

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